Wonder what we're doing between events?
Here's the post from Facebook on December 27th: 
A call less than a week ago to ask if we could help a pit bull: he bit his caretaker but there were a few who believed he deserved a second chance. Who is going to step in during the holidays to help a dog with a bite record, sitting on a cold kennel floor next to a landfill? Joy Sherman did, she went to visit him to see if he would be a good fit for her household, Owen Greene and Nick Greene visited him with food and treats, Tim Greene went out to buy him a crate and Pam Fox brought him treats and bones to keep him occupied in the pound while we were working on a solution. Suzy Burke ordered a bed for him to sleep on in the pound. More than 112 people shared his story online. One of those was Solntse Bosco who has a dear friend, Alexandra Bassett, who offered to adopt Lobo -- not foster, adopt. Karen Amoia Milano went out and bought Lobo a crate bed, training treats and toys and the Durham Veterinary Hospital got him in for a neuter appointment with less than 12 hours notice. Lori Ann Watson offered to donate money from her calendar sales to help pay for his vet bills and Jeannie Lisak offered to send supplies from NJ. -- Village -- you are an inspiration. Tomorrow the freedom ride pic and tonight Lobo sleeps peacefully at the vet's office, warm, well fed and dreaming of life with Alex! 
We're helping shelter dogs.
Burnett's Country Gardens, Salem, 2013
Congratulations to every single volunteer that made Salem the best adoption event ever!  By the end of the event- 109 shelter dogs went to loving homes!  We couldn’t have done it without you.   
Go Dog Days!

Dog Days at Bishop's Orchards- Come on down!

We've had a great start to our weekend event!  We've helped dozens of loving families find their new addition. We've got the best volunteer base this side of the Mississippi, and we still have half of our shelter dogs left, so come to Bishop's Orchards today to take a peek!  We're open from 11 to 4.